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“We work in the place where a steady flow of ideas are churned together with actionable strategies and compelling creative to drive measurable business objectives. Our small team means good things for you. We are lean, flexible and focused on you.”

~ Nicole Sheridan, CEO ~

Staying away from the Mainstream...

We’re not just a social media consultant, and we're not just a print-focused advertising agency. That's just a little bit of what we do.

InSilico Media Group breaks the mold of the “traditional” marketing agency. We partner with our clients to learn the core of their business, finding their true identity and value proposition within their industry. We leverage this information to create a unique, powerful strategy to ensure their marketing campaigns and websites build a recognizable, relate-able brand identity that prospects and customers will love.

Insilico Media Group is a Veteran-owned,
family-first business
based in Marietta, OH

We’re a team of professionals that does not accept the “status-quo”. We keep up with today’s technology and implement these modern trends into every project, guaranteeing our clients never use an outdated website design or market with last year’s SEO tactics.

We’re not chasing national accounts. We’re focused strictly on growing our local small businesses.

InSilico Media Group is lean, flexible, and strategically organized to operate with minimal overhead costs, allowing us to work with budgets of any size to provide professional, valuable services to keep small businesses thriving in today’s economy.

Our team boasts a combined 30 years’ experience in marketing and web development services. We were professionally trained in Seattle, Washington by large names such as Scripps Media, McClatchy Interactive, Pandora Radio, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Grow your business with our smart marketing. Contact us today to see how we can partner for your success.


nicole sheridan

founder and ceo

iain sheridan

lead designer






Smart, results-producing marketing services delivered across multiple platforms, ensuring your message is reaching your target audience.

Web Design
Web Design

Beautiful, professional, easy-to-use websites customized for your business’s specific needs, compatible with all operating systems and devices.

Why pay more for other local agencies
that still utilize outdated marketing and
website development tactics?

At InSilico Media Group, we don't have many vertical markets. We only have two: marketing and websites. We don't believe in stretching our staff's talents too thin because that never results in quality work for our clients. In fact, our lean strategy ensures our staff is able to keep up on the latest industry trends as they happen. We’re already implementing new strategies and ideas before other agencies are hearing about them.

As a marketing agency, we can handle your traditional advertising strategies in newspaper, radio, television, billboards, USPS, and more. We also can handle your digital marketing efforts, including email marketing, social media, search engine services, inbound lead generation, video marketing and complete graphic design. In today's marketing world, you're fighting for attention. Great content helps capture that attention.

Our complete website development services provide state-of-the-art and current design standards to our clients at an affordable price.

We build content that attracts the right visitor to your website, encouraging them to become leads for your business, while creating marketing strategies that will nurture and educate them, resulting in a new customer for you.



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